Why GESAN Electric?

We also provide you with years of experience and knowledge as an added benefit.

GESAN is a client-focused business that provides top-notch goods and assistance to the marine and commercial industries. Sincerity, integrity, and politeness are values that permeate every aspect of our work as we aim to create systems and services that go above and beyond what you as a client could expect.

The focus of the consumer does not alter at GESAN, regardless of how quickly technology advances. We stay true to our roots and strive to advance both our knowledge and business every day with the same tenacity as the first. You can purchase marine electrical parts from GESAN for any issue or need, but we also provide you with years of experience and knowledge as an added benefit.

At GESAN, our mission is to quickly and efficiently offer solutions to our clients’ electrical marine products supply needs. Even if we don’t have the item in stock, the suppliers in our supplier database will offer direct shipping as soon as they can. Please inform us of the product you need, and we will respond with the best options available from our global suppliers or manufacturers.

We encourage you to reach out to GESAN whenever you need, without any hesitation!



Why GESAN Electric?

Our Customer Portfolio Continues to Expand Every Day

Our policy is quality, price and service for the targeted trend. This service is worldwide and fast enough to satisfy our customers.

Our company, which constantly updates its knowledge, adopts that there is no work that cannot be done in principle.

Our company, which always aims the best with its 40 years of experience, is honored to work with you.