Electrical Marine Luminaire

For more than ten years, GESAN has produced marine lights. Our production facility is in Tuzla, Istanbul. Our goal is to produce high-quality, long-lasting goods for the marine industry.

Here is a cross-section of our product categories to give you an idea of the breadth of our choices. Our company mainly specialized in producing candescent lights, navigation lights, spotlights, fluorescent pendant lights, explosion-proof lights, and other various accessories.

Along with compartment and utility light sources, reading or berth lighting fixtures, area lights, dock lights, and maritime safety lighting equipment like searchlights, flashing lights, transmitters, and sensor lights, marine lighting systems also include underwater lights, flood lights, accent lights, and down lights. Such lights are used on both leisure and business boats, such as freight carrying ships, advertising fishing boats, commuter and car sailings, storage tanks, offshore oil and gas drilling and extraction systems, subsea production storage and offloading ships, fishing boats, cruise ships, opulent enjoyment yachts, raft boats, naval ships.